Lets Talk Volume Lashes

True Russian Volume Lash Extensions are a lighter individual lash that are hand fanned to create the volume look for each one attached to the individual lash. This process takes time and is an art to create beautiful hand fanned lashes from single light weight lashes. Due to the light weight of the individual lashes and the hand fanning they require very little adhesive and have a much smaller chance of damaging your natural lashes.

Cluster lashes, Y lashes and Pre-fanned lashes are also a way to create a volume look. However, they are heavier and require more adhesive to adhere to your lash which increases the possibility for damage. I prefer to only use these options when needed to fill a gap if you have previously had trauma or a incorrect lash extension placement.

Please ensure whether you use myself or another lash technician to always ask what their method of Volume Lashes are to ensure you have all the facts necessary to make a good decision about what is best for your lashes.