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Katrina Simmons reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Boutique — 5 star
August 19 at 8:43pm ·
I waited almost three weeks before posting this review as I wanted to make sure it was accurate. I have had lashes in the past that I loved but unfortunately the gal that did them now lives too far away. I was very hesitant to get them again from someone I didn’t know so I went years without. Heather came recommended from a friend and after careful scrutiny of her photos I took the leap. Three weeks ago when she put my full set on, I was very pleased. The look was exactly what I wanted, well priced, and done by someone I was comfortable with. Over the course of the past three weeks they wore beautifully and made my life much simpler. My fill tonight went perfectly and I’m still thrilled. I can say without a doubt that I recommend Heather and love the product. I believe I’ll be a client for a long time. Thank you Heather!

Thuy Izzy reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Boutique — 5 star
August 18 at 9:30pm ·
My first time getting lashes done. Heather is patience and very gentle. The lashes feels light and very comfortable. I just love my lashes and happy I went to her after months of researching. I highly recommend her! She is also sweet and funny 🙂

Julie Brent reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
August 9 at 7:12pm ·
Heather is amazing!! Love my new look. I highly recommend her.

Elise Ells-Haley reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
July 26 at 7:30am ·
Heather did a fantastic job on my lash extensions!! They are staying on beautifully, and I have received so many compliments. Heather is very professional, personable, and friendly…….I would recommend Rebel Bella to anyone wanting beautiful full lashes!!

Mayra I. Rivera reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
July 15 at 11:16pm ·
Heather is amazing! I was nervous, but she was there with a quick response and reassurance all the way through. She always kept my comfort into consideration. Heather did a beautiful job. I love my eyelashes … I look forward to continue working with Heather. Highly recommend. You won’t regret it!

Deborah Grubb reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
July 12 at 11:33am ·
Heather did an **AMAZING** job on my lashes!!! Beautiful and natural looking with the the perfect amount of length and curl!! Highly, highly recommend! Thanks for the professional opinion and expert detail in a perfect, relaxing environment!!

Fran Bennett Jimenez reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
July 5 at 5:17pm ·
What a difference this was for my blonde lashes! Heather was so patient, while searching for each and every hard-to-find blonde lash of mine. I’m so happy with the results and would definitely recommend her to anyone considering extensions. Thank you, Heather, for the amazing job you did!

Angela Dugan reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
June 29 at 5:57pm ·
Heather was simply amazing❤️ She was so protective of my lashes as she fixed another’s sloppy work without complaint! While she was hard at work she made me feel so comfortable and I knew I was in great hands. I’m a busy mommy and this service is a huge time saver ⏱ I am always on the go and need a little glam in my life and my lashes bring me just that!
Thanks for the glam session Heather!

Christina Dalumpinis reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
June 23 at 7:57pm ·
1st time getting my lashes done and they are amazing!! I love not having to put mascara on to try getting my lashes noticeable which was super hard with my short natural eyelashes lol. I love them and will definitely return!!

Cara O’Dowd Rice reviewed Revel Bella-Lash Extensions — 5 star
June 9 ·
My lashes look amazing! I have blonde lashes normally so being able to walk out the door after a quick lash brush and have big beautiful eyes that look full and ready for the day is awesome. Thanks Heather!